Singer Brymo Reveals Shocking Details Surrounding His Birth

Singer Brymo has revealed shocking mysteries which surrounded his birth.
 Brymo revealed that his mum was raped as teenager, and after then, she didn’t see her menstrual circle for three years.

He recalled how his parents were wandering from one spiritual home to the other in search of solution, not knowing that she was already pregnant despite not menstruating for the past three years.

He further mentioned that his mother’s courage in handling her abuser taught him courage on how to handle public issues.

“There is a story of my mum, she had a traumatic s#xual experience as a teenage girl and for some weird reasons, she didn’t see her period anymore afterwards and that kept on for three years until she met my dad and while they were taking her round herbalists and doctors, pastors, imams… wherever they could go…I mean, a woman needed to see her period before she could get pregnant and then it happened that she was already pregnant…5 months in and there was no blood… nothing, that was strange right?, I had to kick to let her know I was there.
So while everybody was trying to give her a medicine to make her bleed,like they were trying to force her without knowing….

When asked if there was any drama after his birth, judging from his unusual conception, he said:

“For instance, most people wonder how I handle matters when I go public, it must have been from my mum because I remember, she said that there was this guy who was always sending kids on errands; ‘ Go to my room, get this and that’ , so everybody went on errands for him so one day he called her and said; ‘Taye, get me something’, so she went and he came into the room and shut the door and turned up the music and when he was done, she got up immediately and went straight home and said blablabla…she was hurt”

Interview by Chude

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