Dancer Korra Obidi Announces Vacation After $50K Donation From Fans To Fight Husband In Court

Dancer and content creator Korra Obidi, is facing backlash as she declares plans to vacation in Hawaii after a $50K donation from fans.

The emabttled mother of two had previously appealed to her fans for financial assistance to respond to her husband’s legal actions regarding her use of their children in social media content’
She said “As a mother, it’s time to fight for myself and my kids,” Obidi declared, while also disclosing her GoFundMe account information, appealing for support from fans and friends.
However, after a donation of $50K from her fans, Korra declared during a live session on Facebook on Sunday,May 12, 2024 about her plans to vacation in Hawaii.
Her comment triggered widespread anger among her followers, with many claiming that the GoFundMe campaign was not genuinely aimed at seeking legal redress against her husband, but rather to fund her extravagant lifestyle.
Some also berated the fans who doanted money to her.

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