Saturday Breakfast

 This Moinmoin will melt in your mouth on a Saturday Morning, especially if you dip it inside Agege bread…. (Yes, we have bread like Agege bread in Germany)

You cant go wrong eating this……

I am just having a drink this Morning…..Will have proper breakfast around when the whole family is ready to eat…I am doing Omolette with mushrooms and tomatoes and spinach….

To the Pizza who put a vomitting sign for the Tuna fish pizza i said i was making on Friday….You are correct, tuna fish belong to the Lizard fish family but my Bambinos they like it….So i fry the tuna fish in its oil with Onions and sliced tomatoes with some carrots and corn and i spread over the pizza with cheese on it…its yummy for them.

Enjoy your breakfast.
Moinmoin photo from Berlinnaijafoodie

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