Lady Who Testified To Having ‘BSc Law Degree’ Begs Nigerians For Money To Sustain New ‘Celebrity’ Status


In a significant turn of events, Vera Anyim, lady who became famous through controversy that trailed her recent BSc law degree testimony at the Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Abuja, has reached out to Nigerians for support in finding secure accommodation.

Anyim made the appeal in a viral video that surfaced on the internet on Thursday.
 Anyim’s testimony, initially questioned by the church’s Senior Pastor, Paul Enenche, sparked widespread debate online.
Enenche interrupted and questioned the credibility of Anyim’s testimony at his church.
Anyim, who claimed to have graduated with a “BSc in Law” from the National Open University of Nigeria, was accused of lying by the senior pastor.
According to Enenche, her speech did not align with that of a law graduate and insisted that no such degree as a “BSc in Law” existed.
The debate garnered a lot of reactions on social media when it was discovered that the testimony was genuine, with some calling on Enenche to apologise for his actions, while others defended his stance.
The church had in a statement, apologised to Anyim stating that the Senior Pastor’s actions were driven by a dedication to maintaining standards of excellence and integrity within the church community.
 Anyim who recently returned from a sponsored vacation to a resort in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, and is now seeking assistance from Nigerians to secure new accommodation.
She said, “I want to say to Nigerians, you know this thing that happened is a thing of joy, I never dreamed of it, it came this moment, I never dream of being a celebrity.
“It just came all of a sudden. I never prepared for it. I want to use this medium to urge us to assist me with accommodation because I am not buoyant now to rent a house. 
“Where I am staying now is risky and insecure. It is a very open place and everybody has already known I am a celebrity.
“When I left Abuja, some people in my compound didn’t know what was happening, but I was there, and so many of them have heard what was going on. 
“Some have said they are waiting for me. My brother, who stays with me, told me that people gathered, all waiting for me.”
Anyim expressed concern that people might misunderstand the situation and assume she received a large sum of money during her time in Port Harcourt
“That is why I am voicing out, asking for assistance to enable me to get a place I can stay so that my life can be safe. As I’m talking to you, I’m just hiding myself so that people will not come and misbehave at my side.
“So, please, if there is any way you can help me for me to get accommodation where I can be secured as a human being, intelligent people know what I am talking about.
“I don’t need to move or stay anyhow. If you don’t mind, you can assist me. Nothing is too small,” she pleaded.
*Imagine the audaicty to ask Nigerians for money to rent a house befitting of a celebrity…just Imagine!!!

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