The Story Of UBUNU UKPABI In Abia State

Ibini Ukpabi used to be the most powerful deity in Abia state during it’s reign of terror.

It was enclosed in magnificent cave which led to the holies of holies.
The shrine was a supreme place for judgement.
People found guilty were made to walk into the dark tunnel where they are lost forever.

In the cave, a stream flows out, and the stream usually turned red anytime the guilty walks into the cave.
The blood stain in the river usually shows the onlookers that the guilty has been slain by the deity.

Those found innocent returned returned back to their people but what many did not know was that the deity never shed blood.
It was later revealed that some of the worshippers, poured red liquid substance into the stream to deceive the onlookers.
Meanwhile, the supposed guilty person was usually blindfolded and taken through the ‘Iyi- Eke’ an outlet that opens up to ‘Onu asa Bekee’ ( The European beach) where he/she is made to join a waiting boat that takes him/her to Calabar where he or she joins other slaves to the journey of no return – to the white man’s land for slav.ery.

from Igbo history.TV

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