SDK Flower Care Tips

I bought beautiful Roses and when it was weak and changing color, i decided to try something i saw someone doing……I put them by the side and watched it dry for two weeks, I didnt put them in the sun because it would become too dry and break….

This photo is my dried out Roses…..
I have different types of flower dried out…If i like it and its changing color and can no longer go in water, I dry them and they become more beautiful

If you put your Roses in Jars, make sure that the water is not much and just enough for the tips otherwise the whole thing will smell….Make it tepid water and put some salt in it..Flower food is Ok if you have but you dont really need it, I hardly use it

These are my flowercare  tips, you can share yours..
PLEASE NOTE that the Jar of flower will smell if the water is too much,You keep changing the water but you gonna have a smelly room…

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