Reality TV Star Nina Talks About PTSD; Her Tattoos And Almost Naming Her Son Miracle After Her EX

Reality TV Star Nina last week revealed that she had a very difficult time in the labour room with her first son Denzel who was born pre term…

She also revealed that the birth went South and she laid in coma for about two month fighting for her life and was shocked when she woke up and was told her son survived…

On Monday April 22, 2024 ,she posted more shocking photos to show what she went through and how she was cut open in the stomach and a pipe inserted to feed her all the time she was in coma:
She revealed that her scarred stomach is the reason she tattooed her whole belly…After these shocking revealtions, a follower on Instagram asked her why she did not name her son Miracle after the ordeal she suffered…
Her response was
“I thought about that name seriously, but pple would have probably thought I was obsessed with the name cos of my BBN saga without even knowing the story behind it, a lot of people would have trolled too”.
She also revealed that she has healed from PTSD -Post-traumatic stress disorder

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