Reality TV Star Ka3na Reacts To Netizens Backlash About Her Serving Water Spirits

Do we have any water Children here? Una sister dey complain oh…..

Reality TV Star Ka3na reacted to the heavy backlash of what Netizens said when she posted a video of herself, paying homage to a river goddess, while clad in white garments and performing a ritual with a goat by the Riverside…..

In response to the heavy backlash she received from posting the video, she posted a video of gospel singer, Ebuka Songs, singing at a beach and her viral video, and further questioned how her actions differed from that of the gospel singer.
She fsaid that she believes in God but can’t deny her heritage as a proud water child.She asked her fans to tell her the difference between the two videos, while urging them to refrain from judging without understanding the context…

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