Pidgin Post – Police Dey Find Woman Wey Kpai Husband Cos Of 2 Much Gbenshing

See me see wahala oooh!!!…..E get anything like too much gbenshing between husband and wife?LOL

Torkwase and Igbah Marry two months ago and the guy man say make e enjoy him wife na em e begin dey demand for plenty gbenshing not knowing say the wife no like the over gbenshing…..
Na so the woman wey dem call Torkwase Kpile carry knife chook the man for neck and all parts of him body oh…The man shout, fall for ground and their neighbours come rush go see wetin dey happen, dem see the woman bone face for corner say the man don too worry am to gbensh that na why she chook am….
Igbah Kpile the husband don die from the chookings and the woman do run, Police dey find am as you dey read this thing so…
Make una dey find out whether person wey una wan marry dey over active for bed, make the thing wey suppose dey sweet nor come turn to punishment oh!


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