Man Shares His Mums Damaging Reaction When He Disrespected Her

 He disrespected his mum and her reaction spoilt everything……

He wrote;”I no been wan talk but e no spoil. When I was 15 I got scouted to play for a team in Melbourne, Australia. Two weeks to leave for Melbourne. One faithful Sunday my mom came home from church and was yelling at me,so I hissed at her, she became furious (typical African mother)
Then she started yelling “is it cos you want to go abroad now that you are hissing at me?, come and go now let me see you” I have to tame you, before you become untamable” she stormed my room and took my travel documents, my Jerseys and boots I had bought in Nigeria and my boxes
She took kerosene and matches , went to the backyard and set everything ablaze. Immediately she lit the fire and threw it in her eyes cleared. I was only able to recover my International passport. Idk if she regrets it but my life could have changed for good if not for her anger.
I’m not saying this to pile on my Ma or anything but it changed the trajectory of my life, she has apologized and still apologizing and I don’t think I love her any less. I just hope I win big with something else cos the suffering that act has put me through can’t be explained.”

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