Man Explains How Digital Footprints Messed Up A Job Applicant

Read this very well….

He wrote;”I’m checking the digital footprints of applicants for a job we posted, and I noticed that one of the applicants, who will be invited for an interview, referred to me as an ‘animal’ in response to a seemingly harmless comment I made on something posted by Instablog.
You will come and explain yourself o
So, dude came for interview. He was the last person to be interviewed. The interview panel consisted of me and three other people. When he came in, I told him to sit down. I shared a printout of his exchange with me on Twitter with him and the other interviewers. I looked at his face; he looked confused. His hands started shaking. I told him I am the one he insulted. He started apologizing with his lips quivering. I told him to keep his apologies cos frankly, I don’t need them.

 I told him he has a terrible digital footprint. He’s caustic. The interview was later conducted, but it was awkward, the most awkward ever.
When he was leaving, I gave him ₦5k for t fare.
He won’t get the job. He wasn’t suppose to be invited in the first place. I just wanted to see his face.
Am I petty? Yes, of course, and I’m proudly petty.
In case you see this, no hard feelings bro. I hope you learnt that you don’t have to insult someone online because you disagree with their point of view.”

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