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He wrote;”My dad traveled to abuja last Thursday for a colleague wedding. And he is someone with this bad habit of not communicating with us whenever he’s out of town. So for the fact that he didn’t call since the day he left till Friday being the next day, my mom got pissed and hurt, and she decided to reciprocate same energy.

But I couldn’t take it tho, I have phobia for journeys, a part of me always thinks about negative thoughts.
Just to clear my head off such thoughts, i decided to call him that Friday night.
The moment I heard the “number you dialed is currently swit….” Omo my head bin wan blow. I kept it cool like a man tho, told my mum his phone was unavailable and I’ll try by morning. Came Saturday morning I woke up very early to call him and it was still the same from the night before. We all started feeling weird before noon, less communication and less happiness was what we were all about throughout, I canceled most of my plans on that Saturday.

Called all his friends and they gave the same complaint too(his phone isn’t going through). It was so hurtful for me seeing my mum so hurt that she couldn’t help it but to cry in front of me( tears dropping from her eyes).

They haven’t been in good terms before he left for that journey, and that triggers her pain the more.
To cut the long story short he came back home yesterday with bruises all over his face. Him being alive was enough for us to not even notice he didn’t have his travel bag with him.
What happened pops? With my voice breaking so hard. He said he had an accident since Friday.

The first question I asked was if he was in coma, he said no; then why is your phone switched off?He said he misplaced it in the accident; I knew immediately that his story isn’t sounding right, and he is acting all dodgy and deflecting from my questions.
I’ve been investigating his story since yesterday, called some people and now I know what really happened. What happened to my pops is so crazy that till this very moment I don’t know how to tell my mum that his husband got robbed and bashed in an hotel room with a woman from our street whom he sneakingly travelled to the wedding with.”

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