Actress Wofai Fada’s FIL Reveals His Son Hurriedly Married Her Because Of Pregnancy

Actress Wofai Fada’s father-in-law has opened up in a leaked voice chat on why he disapproved of his son, Taiwo Olakitan Cole’s marriage to the actress.
He stated that his son had told him about the upcoming marriage 7 months ago, and also told him that she was pregnant and wanted them to get married as soon as possible.

This made him contact Wofai’s father and the two of them were still talking about the wedding before he got blindsided with his son’s wedding invitation, and he was shocked when he found out his son had printed wedding invites.

He further noted how Taiwo was summoned to the palace alongside the elders, but he only apologized and went on with the wedding preparations.
He also decried the fact that his son was just 30 years old while the actress is 38.

Congrats Wofai,hold am well!!!

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