Actor/Movie Producer Femi Adebayo Salami Awarded N25million In Content Theft Lawsuit

Nollywood producer, Femi Adebayo Salami, has been awarded a sum of ₦25 million in a lawsuit which involved his company and an unnamed YouTube content aggregator.

The case won was about the piracy of his 2019 film, “Survival of Jelili”. An unnamed media company exploited his film by superimposing images from his film onto another YouTube video, misleading viewers into thinking they were viewing the actual movie. This deception boosted the views of the other YouTube title, leading to unaccounted revenue streams over time.
After a three-year legal battle, the court ruled in Adebayo’s favor and awarded him the N25 million…
He made a post on his Instagram handle and ended it with ”This isn’t just my win as a filmmaker and content producer but a win for all of Nollywood. We need to be ready to fight IP theft and piracy at all levels. Every win brings us closer to protecting and getting the true economic value of our works.”

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