Abuja School Shut Down Over Shocking Bullying Viral Video + How Student Was Slapped Multiple Times

Lead British International School Abuja, which has been in the eye of the storm over viral videos of bullying involving some of its students, has been shut for three days. The shutdown order was issued on Tuesday by the Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy-Ohaneye.

In one of the videos, the victim, was captured being slapped continuously by several hands while she was asked…
“Who Is the boy? What is the boy’s name? Who broke my heart?”.
In the second video, the victim was seen seated next to a male classmate, who was heard saying:
“I spoilt her relationship”, while she interrogated and slapped continuously ….

The whole event took a dramatic turn the next day being Tuesday as a parent was seen landing a hot slap on the face of the student who allegedly carried out the Bullying,after she arrived in the school premises, accompained by some group of parents who had emerged to resolve the situation.
The bully appeared to mutter some inaudible word and the enraged parent responded with a slap before another parent moved in to douse the situation.meanwhile the student who was slapped went down on her knees.

The management of the school confirmed the incident at a press briefing attended by parents in the school premises on Tuesday.
They also confirmed that they had reached out to the families of both the perpetrator and the victim and offerred them the right counselling and disciplinary measures as appropriate.

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