Sh0cking moment a Brazilian goalkeeper is sh0t by a police officer with a rubber bullet (Video)

Sh0cking moment a Brazilian goalkeeper is sh0t by a police officer with a rubber bullet (Video)

Brazilian police have launched an investigation after a Brazilian goalkeeper was shot with a rubber bullet by a police officer during a youth team match.

The incident occurred during a match between Gremio Annapolis and Centro Oeste.

Centro Oeste won the match 2-1 before the incident occurred after full-time, according to Brazilian newspaper Globo.

A police officer was caught shooting a rubber bullet at Gremio Anapolis goalkeeper, Ramon Souza, who went down straight.

His club later confirmed he’d received treatment after being shot in the leg. 

The team slammed the incident as a ‘criminal act’ and vowed to ensure the officer responsible is punished.

‘Gremio Anapolis comes to the public to repudiate the unfortunate, ridiculous and revolting event, at the Jonas Duarte Stadium, this Wednesday night, for the twelfth round of the Access Division.

After the end of the match against Central West, our goalkeeper Ramon Souza was cowardly hit by a rubber bullet, carried out by a police officer.

‘A horrible, unbelievable and criminal act by someone who should value the safety and integrity of the people, who were there at the Jonas Duarte Stadium.

‘July 10th is marked by a violent, dirty and horrible act against one of our players, which will never be forgotten.

‘The GEA informs that it will take competent measures so that the responsible person is punished and that justice is done so that this CRIMINAL act does not go unpunished.

‘Our goalkeeper was attended on the field by GEA’s doctor, Dr Diego Bento, who performed first aid.’

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