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Seeking Closure… Oluchi & Ilo Tell Us About MTV Base’s New Reality Show “Ghosted”

Sometimes, everything goes well in a relationship, as it should. The romance unfolds flawlessly: dream dates, fluttering butterflies in the stomach and sparks crackling in the air. The love bug is at work, and the future seems blissful. Except it’s really not. In an instant,  a lover disappears, and the dream shatters. Poof! Gone, like smoke on the breeze.  Just like that!

There’s a word for it: “Ghosting.” According to Oluchi, “Ghosting can leave the ghosted feeling confused, hurt, and questioning their self-worth It can have a significant emotional impact.”

Ghosting typically takes one form. The ghost vanishes without a word. “Often, we make decisions to not communicate without considering the other person’s reality,” Ilo sheds light on the thoughtlessness behind it. “Ghosting brings the reality of your choices to people’s minds.  They might question everything and take a heavier mental hit than others.

Oluchi Harrison and Ilooise Omonhinmin (MTV Base Culture Squad) are the presenters of the new MTV Base’s new reality show, “Ghosted.” The show delves into the raw and often heart-wrenching experiences of individuals left feeling heartbroken and confused after seemingly promising relationships vanish into thin air. Both Oluchi and Ilo, having experienced ghosting themselves, will guide the participants through every awkward encounter and emotional rollercoaster as they express their feelings and, hopefully, find closure.

In an exclusive interview with BellaNaija, they walk us through how they will help the participants express themselves in such a show that’s sure going to be intense with an emotionally charged atmosphere.

Ilo: As humans, we’re all different. So there can’t be a one-size-fits-all process because we all react differently. Some people struggle more, while others keep their emotions controlled. Some people overthink things. Our goal is to simply give them space to breathe and a chance to express what they’re feeling. That’s the most important thing. We want to allow them to express themselves. No matter what you’re feeling, express it, let it out, talk.

Oluchi: We ensure that participants have the space to breathe and handle things at their own pace. Some people are ready to talk and release their energy, while others are unsure how to handle the situation.

First, we relate to the participants and let them know that they can actually talk. We emphasise that their voice needs to be heard and their feelings are important. They don’t have to stay silent and bottle everything up. It’s essential to let out their feelings in the simplest and easiest way. We make sure they can communicate their feelings to the person who ghosted them, helping them understand the impact of their actions.

Oftentimes, people need closure when ghosted as the lack of explanation leaves them feeling confused, hurt, and unable to move on. “They might wonder what they did wrong and why they weren’t worth an explanation” Oluchi explains. “Ghosted” will offer the participants a chance at closure by confronting their ‘ghosts’ face-to-face.

While the show focuses on helping participants find closure, it also offers viewers a fresh perspective on navigating modern dating. By witnessing these stories unfold, viewers can learn from the experiences of others and make informed decisions about their own relationships.

“We’re hoping that people, when they watch it, they’re able to see all these characters and see the similarities in their own lives, and then they’re able to kind of decide for themselves how to move forward, how to act in the future. That’s what we want people to take away,” says Ilo.

The show premieres July 11th on MTV Base DSTV Channel and GO TV Channel respectively. Busola Komolafe, the senior channels manager at Paramount, expresses her enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to bring “Ghosted” to our Pan African audience base. It’s a show that resonates deeply with many reality content lovers and offers a unique blend of entertainment and real-life drama that we believe will captivate our viewers.”

Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster, with the hosts warning viewers to have tissues and popcorn ready. And for those considering ghosting someone, Ilo and Oluchi offer a clear message: “Don’t do it.”

Catch a sneak peek of the show:

See more details about the show:

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