Israel’s war cabinet reviews military plans for potential response to Iran’s attacks.

Israel?s war cabinet reviews military plans for potential response to Iran?s attacks.

The Israeli war cabinet has reviewed military plans for a potential response against Iran during a nearly three-hour meeting on Monday.

The war cabinet remains determined to act, but it is not clear at this point if a decision has been made.

There is a sense that Israel must act quickly, the official said.

The war cabinet also reviewed diplomatic options to further isolate Iran, which could be carried out in addition to a military response.

Iran launched hundreds of missiles and drones last Saturday in response to a drone strike in Syria that killed 12 Iranians, including two top generals. 

Iran’s attack on Israel was “legitimate” and “responsible,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani said Monday. Tehran is not seeking to raise tension but will take “proportionate action” to defend itself, he said.

Meanwhile, Israel was set to take its first steps toward a ground offensive on the Gaza city of Rafah but delayed the campaign after Iran’s attack.

United States (US) President Joe Biden addressed Iran’s attack for the first time publicly on Monday, April 15, saying he remains focused on Israel’s security, reaching a Gaza ceasefire and hostage deal, and preventing the conflict from spreading.

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